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CLICK FOR BRIEF VIDEO: A recent women's writers retreat at Virginia City, NV. Check out our handsome welcoming committee. No guarantees, though. They're wild ones.


Next retreat: Sept. 20, 2013. For info, click here.

A landmark UCLA study suggests friendships between women are special. They shape who we are and who we are yet to be. They soothe our tumultuous inner worlds, fill the emotional gaps in our marriages and help us remember who we really are. By the way, they may do even more. . . . . . .
SMAC (St. Mary's Arts Center) in Virginia City
SMAC, nestled in the hills of historic mining town
The retreat will be at SMAC (St. Mary's Arts Center), a wonderfully restored and renovated historic building built in 1875 as a hospital for the area's miners. Its Victorian charm has been preserved -- enhanced, even, by the artists who transformed it into a fabulous retreat center.

It's nestled in the hills from which the famous Comstock silver was mined. It's a short walk to Virginia City's historic main street, including The Territorial Enterprise, where reporter Samuel Clemens first used his pen name "Mark Twain", Piper's Opera House, its ancient cemeteries, the V & C Railroad, and much much more.

It is alleged that "SMAC" is the stomping ground of a few affable specters (a.k.a. friendly ghosts). As yet, we've been unable to rouse them sufficiently to join our party, though.

SMAC has several areas, including a formal dining room and an outdoor picnic area, that are ideal for group meetings, inviting artistic expression and growth. Each bedroom is individually & artfully decorated. Some are singles, some doubles, and in some, a third person can be accommodated.

Virginia City is just a short drive -- 24 miles on excellent roads -- from the Reno-Tahoe Airport in Reno, NV.